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These courses are for everyone, even for those who feel they have a very little knowledge of the basics. You would be amazed at some of the knowledge you have which you might not realize.

In the music technology courses we take you step-by-step through all the equipment you would expect to find in an audio recording studio, explain how it works and you then have a chance to use it yourself. We start off with analog or traditional equipment and then move onto computer based digital audio. Once you have completed this course you can then move onto the more advanced sound engineering & music production courses.

Introducing music technology into the KS3 curriculum – £150.00

Basic midi sequencing. Cubase resource pack with teachers guide and pupil worksheets . You will be shown how to use the teaching pack and how best to use the equipment you have. Contact me for booking and more information


Setting up a recording Studio in your school – £150.00

You will be supported in writing a shopping list for equipment that is relevant to your school or college. Learn you how to use the equipment to support pupils work. Leave the course with hundreds of resources and video tutorials that will support you and your students when using your studio


Introducing Kinect to the classroom

Learn how the Kinect can benefit your classroom. Make your own resources using just PowerPoint or taking it further with Visual Basic. We will take your ideas and turn them into quality resources for you to use. for more information on why you should use Kinect in your classroom read my blog post


Cubase Tutorial Music Production course

Cubase is known as a software music sequencer that runs on either a PC or Apple Mac. It can record many tracks where each track can represent one instrument or sound. It is the digital equivalent of the multi-track reel-to-reel tape machine. On this course you will attain an in depth knowledge on all aspects of this powerful and versatile application.


Logic, Pro-Tools and Reason Music Production Courses

Similar to Cubase in the fact that all of these packages are software music sequencers, but they are each created by different software houses. We teach all of these sequencer packages, each as individual courses as they are all used in both professional and semi-professional music production. The versatile engineer needs to be competent in their operation in order to be able to take on work for any client. However if your intention is to set up and use your own studio to record and produce music then it may not be necessary to attend all these courses.


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