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Using the Kinect in your classroom

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Recently I have been playing about with the XBOX Kinect plugged into my laptop. It really has opened my eyes to the potential of the kinect in the classroom. How often do our students say “oh sir not another PowerPoint”. By using the kinect it gives presenting information a new dimension for our students. For those teachers out there that are saying under their breath “why not just use a mouse”. You really have no idea. Not everyone teaches in a private school where the students are switched on all the time. Students in my classes now want to create presentations because they know once they have completed their work they can present it in a way that reflects a science fiction film (Minority Report for those who don’t watch films). Read More

Wii Interactive board

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This tutorial shows you how to connect your wii controller to your PC or laptop and start using the Smoothboard software.

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A New Web Site & Social Networking to Improve Attainment

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I think every teacher would agree that consistent, well thought out feedback is key to any child’s education. Good assessment. lets you plan your lessons to make sure you cover every child’s needs. A few months ago at school we had a mini internal inspection. The main observation of the music department was that although we probably give more feedback than most departments we couldn’t really prove it because our feedback is mostly verbal. I had a look at some of the free tools online and realised that no singular online tool would solve the problem. I spent some time planning what I wanted to be in place. I wanted to design an environment that would support my pupil’s learning and make it fun and modern. That’s when I came up with the idea of

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