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The importance of BYOD

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BYOD has had a massive impact at my school; Willows High school is situated in one of the most socially economic deprived areas in Wales with 40% of our students on free school meals.

During my 6-month secondment with Microsoft it was very interesting to see the amount of schools in England that had one to one devices for every student. I long for the day that schools in Wales have the money to invest in such a luxury, every year our schools budgets seem to get less and less.

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Using the Kinect in your classroom

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Recently I have been playing about with the XBOX Kinect plugged into my laptop. It really has opened my eyes to the potential of the kinect in the classroom. How often do our students say “oh sir not another PowerPoint”. By using the kinect it gives presenting information a new dimension for our students. For those teachers out there that are saying under their breath “why not just use a mouse”. You really have no idea. Not everyone teaches in a private school where the students are switched on all the time. Students in my classes now want to create presentations because they know once they have completed their work they can present it in a way that reflects a science fiction film (Minority Report for those who don’t watch films). Read More

Wii Interactive board

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This tutorial shows you how to connect your wii controller to your PC or laptop and start using the Smoothboard software.

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Microsoft Research Cliplets

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What Are Cliplets?

A still photograph is a limited format for capturing a moment in time. Video is the traditional method for recording durations of time, but the subjective “moment” that one desires to capture is often lost in the chaos of shaky camerawork, irrelevant background clutter, and noise that dominates most casually recorded video clips.

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Washington Partners in Learning Global Forum

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What an amazing experience the Partner in Learning global Forum has been. I arrived late on Sunday 13th November, On the Monday all delegates were put into groups and we worked collaboratively using the latest technology available. I felt so very lucky to have visited Washington in the company so many of the world’s finest educators.The first keynote speaker was Will Richardson, this really was an eye opening presentation showing that you really need to educate our youngsters for the 21st century and we must get away from the current teaching methods that have been in place for the last 200 years.

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The Kinect Spelling Test

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The disadvantage of being a music teacher and not an ICT teacher is that I only have a basic knowledge of coding. As you have seen in previous posts I am really enjoying using the Kinect in my classroom. It really has a major impact in the classroom and I would encourage anyone to give it a try and guess what it’s not even that difficult with so many resources already out there.

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